Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guitar Hero...Eat You Heart Out!

The anticipated Guitar hero on tour is seems pretty impressive, but come July 28th, Japan is selling their mega awesome rhythm/ synthesizer/ karaoke/ interactive rock band game.


Daigasso! Band Brothers DX

It’s bigger and better than the first Daigasso in 2004!

The video is in Japanese, but here is a run down of it’s AWESOMENESS!

The first feature starts with implementing the mic. You sing into your DS mic, whilst the lyrics scroll on the bottom. It counts your accuracy, and you get ranking and scores. However, for the Japanese gamers, I guess playing this part of the game in train is out of the question.

Second, we have the normal rhythm based game using the D-pad and the ‘a’ ‘b’ buttons. Once the song is chosen, you can pick from various instruments. The examples given in the commercial are the: Flute, Guitar, Percussions, Shamisen, and Electric Guitar. Of course, it would not be complete, if you can’t stroke the strings of your digital guitar.

Third feature is the vast collection of songs. Built into the game you can choose anything from classics to J-pop. What the Japanese consider “classics”?...I have no idea. However, you can use your wifi connection and download and store up to 100 songs of your liking!

Fourth is that synthesizer! You can use the digital piano to create notes on your music sheet, or you can move them around yourself. This is midi-based composing, so you can choose the instruments and create your own songs.

Fourth is my personal favorite, you have many ways of interacting with your friends! All the music that you have, rather downloaded or personally composed can be shared with friends. And for the rhythm game, you can link up to 8 people and have your own digital rock out! Best part, is you only need one copy of the game.

Lastly, you can connect via Nintendo wifi to your wii and have all the music played on your TV Stereo,instead of you dinky DS Speakers. House party via DS? Uh…yes!

If we are to compare, Guitar hero has completely different game play and an enormous cult following. Moreover, this game is at the moment only playable by those who understand Japanese. If and when will be introduced in the states? Unknown.

But all in all, you have to admit….Daigasso! Band Brothers DX is pretty awesome!